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Canadian sports bettors get some of the best online betting sites available out there.  So we are going to take a look at all of the different sports betting options that you have available to you as a Canadian sports bettor, and also break down exactly what makes this sites so excellent.  Most importantly though, we have to help find the best Canadian betting sites, as betting on the Super Bowl is a different experience from betting on any other type of sport or sporting event in the entire world.  The real question though, is what exactly makes up an excellent Canadian Super Bowl betting site?  We are going to help you go through exactly what to look for, and also how to find it as well for the upcoming Super Bowl!

Prop betting on the Super Bowl is one of the most common and most popular type of betting options.  It’s always important to find a site that offers prop bets if you are a fan of Super Bowl prop betting!  Most sites will offer this, but some sports bettors actually won’t even bet on the point spread as the prop bets available are so excellent at times.  It’s definitely an interesting thing to note about whether or not a site offers prop betting, so just be sure to get a feel for the site before making any final decision.  You can also get an excellent bonus for prop betting or any other types of bets that you want from sites as well!


You can’t go wrong with Bet365, as this is one of the most household names in all of the sports betting world.  This site offers you anything that you could ever imagine from an online sports betting site, and this especially stands true for the Super Bowl as well.  Bet365 offers great promotions to all of their bettors, and also offers some great promotions for the big game as well. Bet365 also has a great layout to their site as well, which is definitely inviting to all of our Canadian Super Bowl sports bettors out there.  If you are looking for a site that basically covers you on every angle relating to Super Bowl betting, then you should absolutely take a look at Bet365.



Sportsinteraction has been around since back in 1997, and has an excellent all around online gambling site.  Their color scheme for the site is excellent, and it’s incredibly easy to navigate through all of the different sports that you have the option to bet on.  Sportsinteraction may not be as well-known on this list for Canadian Super Bowl betting sites, but if you overlook it then you are making a huge mistake.  This site has so many betting options on the Super Bowl, ranging from betting on which side the coin flip will land on, to how many turnovers both teams will have, and how many points one side will win by.  The betting options are unbelievable, so check them out to see exactly the betting options are, and get in on the action before game time! Right now Sportsinteraction is offering canadien residents a speciel Super Bowl promotion : a 100% match bonus up to $200!

Sports Interaction



BetOnline is a fan favorite in terms of sports betting, and part of this is because of how quickly they get their lines updated.  They offer you a great bonus to get your sports betting account going, which is definitely a nice bonus for betting on the Super Bowl.  BetOnline absolutely ranks near the top of the best Canadian Super Bowl betting sites, and they are always one of the first to let you know about any line movements or updates on odds for the Super Bowl as well.  Check out BetOnline today to see what types of bonuses and promotions that they currently have going on the upcoming Super Bowl.

Bodog is on par with some of the biggest online sports betting sites in the world, as their prop bets are always a fan favorite.  If you are looking for a site that offers great props, an easy to use website, and a site that makes both depositing and withdrawing funds easy, then Bodog is a great option for you.  Some people actually overlook Bodog, even though it is one of the top ranked sites out there.  Any of our NFL sports betting fans over the past five or six months have probably heard some chatter about Bodog, and it’s probably been good chatter as well.  They have great coverage of every NFL game, and also make sports betting as simple as it should be from the word go. Check out Bodog here, and remember that the Bodog $100 sign up bonus comes with only a one-time rollover.



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