Best European Super Bowl Betting Sites

When it comes to betting on the Super Bowl, this is something that is popular world wide, as this event draws so much interest that the betting comes in from all over the place.  This stands especially true when it comes to European betting sites during Super Bowl time.  The Super Bowl features two of the best teams in the NFL, and you can bet that the eyes for the NFL are on sports bettors from all over the world.  We are going to take a look at some of the best options for betting on the Super Bowl on the best European Super Bowl betting sites, and break down four of the best sites that we’ve found recently for European bettors.  There are quite a few things that makes up an excellent sports betting site, and we’ll cover that information as well.

As far as what our sports bettors should look for when deciding on a new site.  Let’s start from the word go, as sports bettors constantly take a look at the bonuses that are offered on a site.  Bonuses are essentially free money that sites give their players for depositing, and you’ll find that there are also some great promotions during the Super Bowl as well, so you could potentially get some additional free money also.

From there, it’s all about the layout of the site, how easy it is to use, and also how quickly the lines are updated on a site, and even how quickly they are posted in general.  You should always look for a site that gets the lines up there quickly, and also manages them well also.  Last but not least, don’t forget to take a look at the withdrawal options on a site, and the customer service reviews about the site as well.  Fortunately, we’ve taken all of this into account, and found the best four sites for all of our European Super Bowl betting sites.

Best European Super Bowl Betting Sites


Many people put Bet365 at the top of the list of best European betting sites.  There are obviously quite a few reasons for this, but one of them is simply how reliable the site is.  It will give sports bettors everything they need in terms of betting, but more importantly they cover you in all angles for Super Bowl betting as well.  This site has an easy to use site with a very comfortable to look at interface, and they also get their lines up, and updated, quickly as well.  Bet365 has promotions that will blow you away and also gives you some nice free money in order to keep your bankroll funded during Super Bowl time, and help you build it outside of Super Bowl time.



Partybets is a very interesting sports betting option for the Super Bowl.  Their site is very straight forward and easy to use, but also offers things like live betting, which is always a nice option to have.  The Super Bowl bets can be tough to sort through, but the layout of this site makes sorting through your many betting options easy.  They also have a layout which allows you to click around and see exactly what you will be getting before you have to make any final decisions about a site.  Partybets may not be as known as the other options that we have on here, but it makes up for it with their excellent betting options and site layout.


Unibet has won some awards for their excellent all around online gambling experience, and this stands very true for their Super Bowl betting options.  The options that they offer you are some of the best out there, but aside from Super Bowl betting, they also offer things like bingo and other off the wall games as well!  One of the coolest parts about Unibet is the fact that their layout for NFL betting is one of the easiest to use, and you can completely customize exactly the types of bets that you are looking for.  Unibet is one of the top European betting sites out there, so check out their site and see what you think!


Bodog is the people’s champ of online sports betting these days.  They have become huge pretty much all over the world, and they are absolutely one of the best European Super Bowl betting sites. While Bodog moved out of the United States recently, their focus is mainly on their European sports bettors, which means that they are hooking everyone up with some excellent Super Bowl betting promotions.  Include this with a nice little start up bonus, and one of the best customer service groups out of any online gambling site, and you’ll find that Bodog is just a major knockout in terms of the online sports betting world.


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  2. Augustine Kalp says:

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