Best US Super Bowl Betting Sites

Best US/American Super Bowl Betting Sites

When it comes to looking for an online sports betting site that allows United States sports bettors, and covers the Super Bowl’s top betting options from every angle, it can be tough to find.  Fortunately though, it’s far from impossible, and we have broken down three of the best sports betting sites that will allow US bettors to get in on the Super Bowl action.  So the question is, what really makes up a top notch US Super Bowl betting site ?  For starters, you have to be sure that the site you are looking at gives you ALL of the betting options that you are hoping to get.

On top of that, don’t forget to make sure that the site updates the lines and odds quickly, and also that they give you a nice Super Bowl betting bonus and/or some excellent promotions to kick off the Super Bowl betting action as well.  We have found three American Super Bowl betting sites that offer you this, plus quite a bit more as well, so we are going to take a bit more of an in-depth look at all three of the sites.

Bovada is new to the sports betting world technically, as it is the new Bodog.  Bodog has left the US market, and is replaced by a site that is virtually the exact same, and offers excellent promotions as well.  Bovada offers an easy to use site, with lines that are updated quickly as well, making betting on the Super Bowl easier than you could imagine.  On top of that, don’t overlook the large number of Super Bowl betting options that Bovada will offer you, and this includes your standard betting options, and also all of the game props and player props as well.  Bovada is well-known for the fact that they offer all three of the top online gambling options, but they also have one of the best sports betting sites for any bettors in the United States. Visit Bovada here and take advantage of a nice $250 welcome bonus.



BetOnline literally gets their sports betting lines up before you can even blink.  For an example, take a look at the fact that BetOnline actually has posted up potential Super Bowl betting lines before the Super Bowl is even set.  They take the two Championship game match-ups, and put up four different sets of line for what sports bettors should expect, no matter what happens in the AFC and NFC Championship games.  From there, they will have their betting options up on the board soon after the Championship games end a few weeks before.  BetOnline also offers a site that is very easy to use, with software that is incredibly nice as well.  The bonuses that the site gives their new sports bettors is also very nice, and don’t overlook the excellent promotions that BetOnline gives for Super Bowl Sunday either.  BetOnline definitely comes in at the top when you are looking at US Super Bowl betting sites.

New Parlay Odds at BetOnline



Intertops has a site that offers sports bettors so many betting options, that you really can’t go wrong by choosing to go with this site.  When you log-on to the site, you’ll find that it is very easy to navigate and the Super Bowl betting options are very easy to get to.  On top of that, Intertops makes the whole depositing and withdrawing money on and off of the site thing a breeze as well.  This is obviously one of the biggest concerns for online sports bettors who are getting into a new Super Bowl betting site, and they handle this one easily.  Depositing takes just seconds after you give your information to verify your identity, and then from there, withdrawing, which is typically the biggest. Visit InterTops here and get a $100 Super Bowl betting bonus.


Top 3 US Sportsbooks For NFL Betting :

  Site Bonus Rating US Review Visit
1 BetOnline BetOnline $1000 6 / 6 US Review Visit
2 Bovada Bovada $250 6 / 6 US Review Visit
3 InterTops InterTops $100 5 / 6 US Review Visit

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  1. Tim "Recorder Notes" Jameson says:

    I am SO excited for this superbowl. I think Tom Brady is in it to win it! A lot of jokes comes his way but I can’t hate the guy. He’s exactly what I think of when I picture a quarterback. Even the name “Tom Brady” screams quarterback haha. The only quarter back with a more stereotypical name is Colt McCoy. Anyway, This is going to be a really exciting game and I am pumped for the rematch. Good post. :-)

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